Trade Finance

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Bank Guarantee (BG) is one of the products provided by the Bank for the benefit of its customers, in the form of financial guarantees to third parties, in the event that the guaranteed customers fail to fulfill their obligations (default).

  • We provide bank guarantees to the Main Contractor appointed by us to work on projects from our subsidiaries and or third parties with a Turn Key Project Agreement type of contract between the Project Owner and the Main Contractor.

  • Bank Guarantee is a guarantee letter from the Bank as a means of payment guarantee issued by our bank to the Main Contractor after the project work is completed properly in accordance with the contract that has been given with a period of time according to the time the work is completed.

Document Requirements :
  • Complete Company Profile and Legality

  • The exporter must be AMRO Subsidiary

  • Submit the AMRO Trade Center Corporate Application Letter

  • Submit the original Contract within Seller and Buyer

  • Submit Bank Coordinate to AMRO Trade Center