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To maintain the best quality of our products as the highest priority and maintain consistency in the products and services we provide to the best of our ability.


“The current development plan runs from 2020 to 2024 is to further strengthen Indonesia’s economy by improving the country’s human capital and competitiveness in the global. One of the factors that can accelerate the achievement of Indonesia’s economic strength is the industrial sector.”

In order to become a country with a growing, strong and developed industry, the contribution of the manufacturing industry is expected to increase to 40% of gross domestic product (GDP) in the next few years.

The development of science and innovation is the main means for improving product quality as well as the advantages and competitiveness of the national economy and industry. From these developments, it is hoped that it will encourage exports, and absorb significant number of workers, reduce unemployment, alleviating poverty, and contribute to equitable distribution of community income.

The acceleration of economic development by relying on industry, especially the development of science and technology and innovation (knowledge based economy) and supported by a conducive investment climate will encourage the private sector to invest in industry. Increased investment in the industrial sector will also accelerate the creation of business opportunities and encourage high labor productivity along with efficient use of capital, protection for UMKM and cooperatives, as well as clean and effective institutions. In the future, Amro is able to develop industry by utilizing science and technology, it will make a very large contribution to meeting the needs of domestic industrial products which in turn will encourage the nation's economic progress and increase the power of applicable legislation, which is expected to accommodate developments that occur in the industrial world in connection with the development of science and technology. as well as innovations that exist throughout the world.

PT Amro Industrial Indonesia as subholding in this sector is one of Indonesia’s modern biggest Industrial company. With our very big capital and dedicated employee, we will develop industrial complex, many important and high technology manufacturing sectors, such as shipyard, automotive, chemical, paper, cement, fertilizer, heavy machinery, others.

PT Amro Industrial Indonesia with all it’s effort will support Indonesia towards developed country, improved social welfare for employee, and all indonesia’s people.


Become the largest and the most integrated industrial company in Indonesia, driving industrial growth while maintaining natural sustainability and creating public prosperity


  • Build an industrial area with an eco green concept in every region of Indonesia

  • Build various medium and large industries with the aim of absorbing and prospering Indonesian workers and the people in general

  • Comply with and follow all applicable rules and laws and preserve the nature of Indonesia.


  • Our Industrial products range from industrial complex, shipyard, automotive, chemical, paper, cement, fertilizer, heavy machinery, industrial services, others.

  • We build various industrial fields and spread all over Indonesia, depending on the potential that exists in the region

  • We also invest in technology and R&D to innovate in a more efficient and effective direction in developing the industry, thus enabling more effective and efficient production.

  • Contribute in the export sector for indonesia’s economic growth


To become national and international biggest industrial company

  • We build national industrial capability, strengthen modern industrial, strengthen the competitiveness of national market production
  • We apply approriate modern technology to become an effective and efficient manufacturer
  • We increase export, become a national mainstay exporter


The industrial complex in Indonesia is considered as one of the most effective tools for generating employment, boosting the economy, and increasing market competitiveness. The industrial complex offers a cost-effective way to increase access to basic infrastructure and ensure that production can be carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

PT Amro Industrial Indonesia is the largest industrial township development. This project is highly supported by PT Amro Asia Pacific. In addition to creating an environmentally friendly industrial estate, reducing unemployment and improving the economy of the region is also its main objective.

Location Project: INDONESIA

Location Project: INDONESIA

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Subagyo is the CEO of PT Amro Lentera Jaya as a subsidiary of PT Amro Asia Pacific which is engaged in the recycling of iron and steel. With a technical school education background and more than 20 years of work experience in the world of engineering, he is very good at the business he is currently doing.


    PT Amro Lentera Jaya is present to handle old ships both at sea level and on the seabed. Besides being profitable, the sea will also be sterile from heavy metals that threaten our marine ecosystems.

    Location Project:


    Location Project: