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“ Infrastructure sector is all about building assets for the country. It is part of nation building..”

The infrastructure very importance for business because an efficient transport network enables staff to get to work easily. It also allows supplies to be brought in from far afield and permits finished products to be moved to market cheaply and quickly.

Not only access to but also quality of infrastructure affects firm productivity as well as people's livelihood. Frequent interruptions of the infrastructure-service supply impose extra backup costs on enterprises, hinder their timely business activities, and result in large losses of sales opportunities

A stable business infrastructure ensures the proper coordination of all human resources, processes and other operational tools necessary to ensure manageable, profitable growth.

The economy needs reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move goods and services across borders. Infrastructure connects households across metropolitan areas to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare and education. How is infrastructure linked to the economy? It allows for more interaction between the consumer and producer because it brings more business and trade to towns and cities by means transportation.

One of the obstacles that hinder the Indonesian economy at this time is the slow pace of infrastructure development -- this is indicated by the lack of quality and quantity of infrastructure or infrastructure. Both "hard" infrastructure (which refers to physical networks such as roads and airports) and "non-physical" or "soft" infrastructure (such as electricity supply, social welfare and health) appear to have difficulty driving structural and rapid development. Currently, there are not enough roads, ports, airports and bridges in Indonesia (Southeast Asia's largest economy), while - not infrequently - the quality of existing infrastructure is inadequate.

PT AMRO ASIA PACIFIC is aware of the importance of improving the state of infrastructure so that the investment and business climate becomes more attractive.


To become Indonesia’s largest, most admired, trustworthy, respected and committed company to develop safe and comfortable roads, airport, ports, bridges and highways infrastructure for the Nation


  • Equitable development is a big enough step towards economic equity. With better economic capacity, a region or a country can support itself

  • After the achievement of good infrastructure, all will have the same opportunity to be involved in the economic process in it.


  • Highways

  • Tunnel

  • Railroads

  • Bridge

  • Port, Airport


To express and demonstrate our sincere and whole hearted commitment towards our Society and the Nation, through the creation of World Class Roads & Highways Infrastructure, with minimum impact to the nature and recycling of product to maximum extent, which will facilitate creation of a strong sense of belongingness among people and bring them closer through quicker connectivity.