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“A reliable and competitive oil and gas industry is critical to healthy economy.”

The oil and gas subholding is still a mainstay commodity to meet national energy needs as well as drive the national economy. Currently, the growth of the oil and gas sector is relatively declining because the assets are already mature or the field is getting old. In order to ensure the continuity of energy fulfillment in the form of oil and gas, it is necessary for the nation's company who are able to effectively and efficiently manage national energy as well as drive the national economy..

Oil and gas investment in 2021 is targeted by the Government of Indonesia, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to reach 248.16 trillion rupiah in the upstream and downstream sectors (Source: Director General of Oil and Gas ESDM, 2021). SKK Migas targets national oil and gas production of 1 million barrels of oil and 12 billion cubic feet of gas per day in 2030. Meanwhile, the average production per day in 2020 is still at the level of 705 barrels of oil and 5.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Fuel consumption continues to increase as a result of economic growth and population growth, while domestic crude oil production continues to decline and stagnant refinery capacity causes imports of crude oil and fuel to continue to increase.

On the other hand, opportunities to optimize the use of gas and LNG for domestic energy needs, by building gas and LNG infrastructure for power generation, transportation, and national industry. Indonesia needs to build a good program integration with PLN and PGN companies for the establishment of “LNG to Power” zoning, and the development of more SSLNG (small-scale LNG) to meet gas needs in Indonesia. Utilization of natural gas energy is still low due to limited natural gas infrastructure, which is one of the reasons, given the geographical condition of Indonesia as an archipelagic country, and the location of gas sources is far from growth locations.

VISION: Becoming World Class & Best Oil & Gas Company in Asia Pacific Region


  • Having oil and gas resources National and in Asia Pacific,
  • Manage oil and gas resources professionally,
  • Expand oil and gas infrastructure according to national needs by itself or through strategic partner with local company or national company.
  • Distribute oil and gas products optimally according to customer expectations and operational excellent.


We Deliver High Quality Services and Good Products through Consistency Quality Assurance Programs

In the downstream, our services cover from building or acquisition more than 3000 SPBUs/SPBG and providing more than 100 Oil/SPBG truck to distribute petrol/gas to all over SPBU/SPBG/Industry in Indonesia.

In the midstream, we will purchase many kind of vessels for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Company such as Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC), gas/LPG/LNG carrier, Medium-size Tankers and General Purpose Tankers. We also can provide FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading).

We also will build Storage Tank near the sea to store the oil and pipe transmission to make easier the oil tanker distribute the oil to storage tank. We want to contribute national fuel reserve level as the ideal standard of a country's reserves is 90 days.

We are also ready to cooperate with oil & gas company to build Refinary Facilities to increase the target of oil production in Indonesia. We can also support the Indonesia Government program to build gas transmission infrastructure to distibute natural gas to the center of industrial estate in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi

We are also concerning with renewable energy which has a Biorefinery Development Program, with CPO as raw material to produce Green Diesel, a hydrotreating unit development program for Low Sulfur Diesel production, as well as a refinery development program which have considered the integration between Refinery and Petrochemical

In the Upstream, we are pleased to collaborate with oil & gas company to operate the Oil Block or acquisition the Oil block to produce Crude Oil or do Construction of shore base in Natuna cooperate with drilling service company as well. We will We will do all the oil & gas business in a profesional manner and fully HSE implemented..


To Fulfill our National Oil & Gas need without import in 2024 and Can Export Crude Oil in 2025

In terms of development, we are constantly working to develop a Oil & Gas Infrastructure & Production Facility based on Research & Design with the latest technology and environmentally-friendly methods, producing the best quality products with an improved efficiency and effectiveness to meet the exporting demands of the global community. In order to achieve the right target in the Oil & Gas sector, we are ready to lead and prove the Oil & Gas Industry through PT AMRO PETRO ASIA and other subsidiaries.

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Anas Koeswantoro, Chief Executive Officer of PT Amro Petro Asia graduated from Telecom Institute of Technology. He has 16 years of experience in Telecommunication Systems, including 14 years in the Oil & Gas sector. He also has overseas experience, working for multinational projects in multi-team environments. He is an expert in engineering analytical skills with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of a broad range of modern Telecommunication / IT technologies. His experience enables him to foster further abilities applicable in the Oiil and Gas sector.


    Overcoming the oil & gas challenges, PT Amro Petro Asia, a subsidiary of PT Amro Asia Pacific in the Oil & Gas sector, is built to respond the biggest challenge facing the oil and gas sector in Indonesia which is the lack of available logistical infrastructure to support commercial distribution and exploration. We will build oil & gas supply chain network in order to make it widely spread across all over the Indonesian Archipelago. We will build oil & gas business infrastructure starting from downstream, midstream and upstream through acquisition, strategic partnership or self building & financing.

    Take over exploration and industrial oil and gas blocks is a long-term goal of this company. Some short-term programs that will be implemented to achieve these objectives are:

    1. National and international oil trading
    2. Installing fuel saving devices on trucks and ships
    3. SPBBG mobile procurement
    4. Acquisition and Development of 4000 SPBBU and SPBBN
    5. Development of 4000 SPBBG
    6. Take-over of storage tank (BBM)
    7. Development of fuel and gas storage tanks
    8. Procurement of tankers
    9. Procurement of SPOB vessels
    10. Construction of shore base in Natuna
    11. Conduct land acquisition for the project location
    12. Construction of licensed oil and gas refineries

    Location Project: INDONESIA

    Location Project: INDONESIA