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“Perhaps, the most amazing and life-changing innovation made by human is ELECTRICITY. Survival without electricity is unimaginable now but there was a time when people lived without light and electronic appliances.”

Great minds worked in coordination to create this essential asset for the human race. Development and generation of electricity changed the lives drastically, starting from domestic use to industrial activities.

Talking about domestic usages there is hardly any task that does not require electricity like cooking, cleaning, and entertainment. On the other hand, if we look at the commercial and industrial sectors all the technology is depend on the extraordinary creation of man. Without the discovery of electricity, life wouldn’t be what is it today. The home life greatly depends on electrical devices like TV, kitchen appliances, computers, video games vacuum cleaners and much more.

Hospitals, offices, grocery stores, shopping malls, and industries are working at a fast-pace with efficiency to produce, process and execute quality material and results. The education and aviation zone can’t last without electrical supplies to carry out their practices.


To become a reliable and trusted global energy company in the field of renewable energy.


  • We create value in a sustainable manner through innovation, efficiency and support the realization of the prosperity of the Indonesian people.

  • We develop a corporate culture and reliable and high-performing human resources, by applying the principles of good governance.

  • We implement and support government policies in the field of renewable energy.


  • Hydroelectricity production by water

  • Windmills generate electricity through wind

  • Burning of coal produces electricity

  • Solar panels are used to nake energy through the sun


There are many underdeveloped countries that still face major crises when it comes to electricity with mass power Besides the fact that electricity has become one of the most essential need to carry out our daily routines, it is our duty to find ways to produce electricity in the most effective manner without making the environment unhealthy and polluted.

  • Overview

    Besides being able to sustain a sustainable life, renewable energy also promises business benefits. Although it requires a large investment, the prospect is believed to be bright in the future.

    Indonesia is one of the countries that has huge renewable energy potential. For example, it has the highest geothermal reserves in Southeast Asia, with estimates at 27 points with total electricity capacity reaching 27 Gigawatts (GW). Hydro energy, especially in Central and Eastern Indonesia, has a total capacity of around 20 GW.

    Indonesia has a target of using Renewable Energy – EBT in the national energy mix of 23% in 2025 and 31% in 2050. This target is equivalent to 45.2 GW of EBT power plants by 2025, the rest is contributed by bio-fuels, biomass, biogas and coal bed methane.

    Biomass which is a waste from most industries also has great potential as well as being a solution. The geographical area of Indonesia’s coastline of 81 thousand km also has enormous wind energy potential, likewise with solar energy.

    Business development in the renewable energy sector is needed to anticipate the occurrence of an energy crisis in the future.

    Location Project: INDONESIA

    Location Project: INDONESIA