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“The development of transportation systems is embedded within the scale and context in which they take place, from the local to the global and from environmental, historical, technological, and economic perspectives.”

Nowadays, proper and effective transportation has become a very important part of everyday life. The need for people to move places and move goods quickly from one location to another requires a means of transportation that suits their needs. Currently, the means of transportation used are not only required to be able to deliver people and goods quickly but also demand the comfort, safety and feasibility of the transportation itself.

The progress of the implementation of a country's development is strongly influenced by the condition of the infrastructure, supporting infrastructure, especially transportation infrastructure, which includes roads, rivers, sea, air and railway. In the beginning, the role of transportation was more to fulfill basic needs community to accommodate the social and economic activities of the community. More, system transportation acts as a facility for production and investment systems that provide positive impact on economic conditions

PT AMRO ASIA PACIFIC took a part in providing the availability of transportation service by opening business in the sector to covers everything related to land, sea an air transportation both human and goods transportation, neither domestic or international routes.


  • To provide the world's best transportation system which is safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • To provide our customers outstanding transportation services throughout Indonesia and facilitating their success and furthering trade and development in the whole country..


  • We provide a safe and secure environment for our customers, community and employees through consistent training, enforcement and allocation of resources.

  • We promote public transportation as an environmentally friendly service and conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner


We believe that the public transport system plays an important role in shaping the pattern of regional development and improving the quality of life of our people. A well-designed public transport system can support an eco-friendly future, control urban dispersion by promoting responsible development, improve energy conservation, and reduce traffic congestion..

  • Overview

    PT AMRO TRANSPORTASI INDONESIA will develop a super-fast rail transportation mode called hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a transport capsule train that floats in a low-pressure steel tube and is capable of traveling at speeds of more than 965 km/h.

    A futuristic train previously described as the first major change in transportation technology of this century has been piloted. The train with the name Hyperloop One can takes passengers from London to Edinburgh, which is about 600 kilometers, in just 50 minutes. The distance of 600 kilometers is approximately slightly further than the distance between Jakarta-Yogyakarta which is 520 kilometers. Can you imagine that the Jakarta-Yogyakarta trip can be reached in less than 50 minutes by train?

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Agung Basuki, Chief Executive Officer of PT Amro Intiqol Indonesia, has more than 15 years of experience in management project, telecommunication / digital technology and marketing strategy as well as community development in several national and international companies as well as supporting government agencies. He is an energetic person, easy to adapt to new business environment, accustomed to working in teamwork, independently and having access to multi-sectors. Graduate from a university in electrical engineering.


    PT Amro Intiqol Indonesia was established in January 2020 with the largest ownership stake owned by PT Amro Transportasi Indonesia. As a subsidiary of the Land Transportation sector unit, we have several work programs for people and goods transportation services that are online-based, as well as actively strengthening our main business infrastructure lines with business locations throughout Indonesia.

    Types of services, modes of transportation and other supporting facilities will be adjusted to the geographical and social factors of the respective business areas.

    The application of technology that is always developing is also one of the main supporting factors in carrying out our work program.

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    Location Project: