Trade Finance

AMRO Treasury Team will handle all client applications as your worldwide business solution.


Treasury has an important role in a company. The Treasury's role is at the forefront of the financial management process. AMRO, with its activities as a Holding Company, carries out a very strict asset management process with the aim that AMRO's assets can be managed as well as possible and used for the welfare of the community.

What We Do

AMRO Treasury extends a broad range of capabilities ranging from trading, structuring and sales in foreign exchange, interest rates, money market, credit, equity, commodities, bonds, derivatives and securities. In addition, AMRO Treasury strives to ensure that company funds are always available to complete various corporate responsibilities and will always provide advice to subsidiaries.

For AMRO Treasury, the primary goals are financial projections to achieve a healthy business and sustainable productivity. Therefore, Treasury AMRO seeks to assist subsidiaries in transacting with third parties with banking products such as:

  • Certificate of Deposit (Secure Of Subsidiary Reserve Funds)
  • Guarantee Bank (Transactions With Main Contractors, Turn Key Projects)
  • SBSC (as International Trade Guarantee)
  • Proof of Funds (as a Tender Requirement)
  • Letter of Credit (Purchase of Goods)
  • MT 103/202 (Cross-Border Funds Transfer International)