Establishing a Foundation is very important to make a greater impact on community empowerment programs. As a form of Human Charity Responsibility, we formed the AMRO Global Foundation, which is the main tool in implementing the programs. In addition to empowering the potential of the community, it can also provide added value to the community.

The existence of the foundation makes the HCR activities of AMRO CAPITAL HOLDING INC more than just a temporary charity activity, but continuously.


Amro Holding has built the Amro Global Foundation for activities around the World and collaborates with foundations in every country in the world. Amro Global Foundation is a non-profit organization based on 5 Programs:


AMRO Global Health Foundation seeks to address the challenges in three key areas of urgent medical need for significantly underserved communities in low- and middle-income countries.

Improving Access to Health

Strengthening health infrastructure as well as enhance availability of healthcare for:

  • mental health;
  • neglected tropical and communicable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, among others)
  • children’s health; to help make a positive long-term impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Building Community Resilience

Creating community resilience in vulnerable areas by proactively tackling major health challenges and minimizing avoidable deaths through proactive infrastructure strengthening, systems improvements and training initiatives.

Providing Disaster Support

Providing disaster support in vulnerable areas to help improve:

  1. preparedness, surveillance and response and reduce suffering caused by natural disasters (e.g., creating data and information collection systems that will monitor health risks posed by natural disasters);
  2. surveillance and monitoring of biological emergencies (e.g., potential health threats, such as COVID-19, SARS, influenza and cholera);
  3. initiatives that otherwise provide disaster support through preparedness, surveillance and/or response.


The Foundation is committed to creating sustainable social value by partnering with programs that help young people develop the skills, motivation, perspectives and opportunities they need to be successful, self-reliant and socially conscious members of society. We also seek to facilitate dialogue and networking among our diverse not-for-profit partners so that together we can maximize the social impact of our work.

In order to offer special opportunities for youth development, such as mentoring and in-office career skills workshops, our grant making has an exclusive focus on cities in which AMRO companies maintain head-or major representative offices. As new projects are added, the Foundation will work with not-for-profit partners in these cities to empower young people globally to shape a secure future for themselves and the communities in which they live.


The Amro Global Foundations in Social program aims to pursue harmony, promote education, and advocate for environmental protection, social justice, and worker well-being at the local, national, or global level. Through ecological, agricultural and workplace actions, the Foundation promotes arts, culture, as well as cooperative communities, and corporate sustainable practices. An overriding concern is to promote activities that prevent or mitigate against climate change.

The underlying tools of engagement that guide the social program actions and policies are:

  • Non-partisan campaigning,
  • Research & development,
  • Training & education,
  • Coalition development & networking,
  • International development & solidarity, and
  • Gender equality


The Amro Global Foundation Initiative on Religion programs aims to provide intellectual leadership, develop new paradigms for research and teaching, create new resources and networks, and enhance public understanding of and discussion about religion in the international sphere.

The initiative supports projects that draw on scholarly expertise to foster and disseminate more nuanced, contextualized and dynamic understandings of religion in global public life, politics and policy. We understand religion to be important in many domains, including conflict and peace, environment and sustainability, political economy and development, health and education, gender, race and sexuality, law and human rights, social movements, migration and humanitarianism.

The initiative invites proposals from a variety of institutions that work to deepen interdisciplinary understanding of the role of religion in world affairs, including academic, public policy and media organizations. We also seek to foster collaborations across these sectors. We encourage proposals that develop sustainable conversations and relationships with colleagues and institutional partners in many parts of the world.


The AMRO Global Foundations is committed to promoting the highest quality science in the world to drive progress in research and innovation.

We work closely with our members and partners, sharing our expertise and offering solution-orientated scientific support aimed at increasing the quality and effectiveness of science and science-related activities in the world.

We partner with diverse institutions by leading successful projects, facilitating informed decision-making through a broad range of science support partnerships: Research Project Grant Evaluation, funding program and the administration of scientific platforms.